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February 26, 2021

SUNDIMENSION is a Technology Software company set up to provide a platform for software developers to co-exist, express themselves, earn a living, enhance their career & skills and put them at per with software developers world-wide. The company was established on March 1st 2018.


Today’s Software Company of Choice for Every Nigerian.


Build Easy to Use and Functional Software’s that Add Values to the Lives of Nigerians.



In SUNDIMENSION, we focus on Technology products and services that meet every day needs of Nigerians. This we achieve that by adopting the following strategies.

  • Create easy to use and very functional software’s that can be used as services to generate daily income.
  • We deploy Reliable and Functional Hardware to clients nation-wide
  • We insist on excellent customer service at all times
  • We make our user experience very simple, exciting and memorable.

Our Services Include:

Technology Training

Websites Development

Digital Marketing

Mobile App. Development

General Softwares Solutions

Video Animation

Graphics Designs and more…


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    This is Beautiful. I wish SunDimension the VERY BEST

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